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Hello everyone!  Here's an update on some of the fantasy works I'm currently engaged in on my little off time!
The Path of Aeron Series has its third work underway.  I'm roughly 1/3 of the way through it.  This may be even longer than War of the Princes, but hopefully, it will not end up being too dense.
I've started the first few chapters of the second book in the Fire-Eye Saga.  These chapters have been laid out in my mind since college, so finally reaching this phase has created a renewed fervor for this dark fantasy work!
On the side are two stories that fall within the world of Oedon, but are not currently connected to the main stories.  One concerns simple commoners who have to engage in a quest.  I will have more information as it develops.  I have another that is more of a horror/lore mystery story that should lay the groundwork for more explanations in other books, notably the Rhynvold Chronicles, the Fire-Eye Saga, and somewhat in the Path of Aeron and Undead Trilogy.  The latter story will be years in the future unless there's a breakthrough.  It is hard to fit in and craft considering the nature of the main character.
More updates will be posted here and on Facebook as they come.  Hopefully, I will have more time to commit soon!