Hell on Earth

The first installment in the Undead Trilogy, the story follows a young man named Draezon Talon as he seeks to become a member of the Dead Hand, a clan of necromancers that reside in a tower in the desert. During his training, the tower is attacked by a terrifying demon from the Underworld. The unnerving encounter convinces the masters to alert the rulers of the land.

But are they ready to combat the might of the Underworld?

Lord of the Dead

Though the Fallen Angel was slain, Draezon finds himself combating a new enemy, Harres. The prince murdered his family as well the rulers of many city-states and kingdoms. He finds that he has to flee for his life, for the new king has branded him a war criminal. No city is safe for the necromancer.
But all hope is not lost; there are still those who oppose Harres in secret. But are there enough soldiers to help him in the fight against tyranny? Draezon will not let those who have passed die in vain.
Now is the time to strike; it is time for vengeance.

War of the Princes

The thirst for revenge has not departed.


Now, after months of endless struggle, the necromancer is filled with a great division. One part of him still desires to see his nemesis destroyed, yet the other tires of all the bloodshed.


In the end, will sating his thirst for revenge mend a broken heart?


Draezon does not seem so sure. With the advent of new knowledge, war does not seem to be the only answer anymore.


Join him in the conclusion of the Undead Trilogy.

The Undead Trilogy (Books 1, 2, & 3 combined)

The Undead Trilogy is finally all wrapped up into one work, covering the humble beginnings of Draezon Talon and culminating with the last bloody battle of the War of the Princes. Books 1, 2, and 3 detail the first look into the world of Khaz'nà, and all that occurred during 1534-1535 YG.

This is a tale of the great inner turmoil a man faces when beset with war, and his endless struggle as outside forces seek to degrade his character.

Let's not forget that these books have no shortage of undead and demons, swords and spears, and prophecies and riddles.

Take a peek inside, and get it all here in this special edition.

The Prince of Tarpine

It's a time of peace and recovery for Khaz'nà. The wars left the kingdoms and city-states weary, and ready to sow the new seeds of life.

It is a good time to raise children.

Aeron has only known the peace and quiet of his household, Rosshald manor. His aunt and uncle have raised him dutifully, ensuring that the young boy can one day grow into a good lord.

But one day, three strangers come to the door of their home, and everything they say contradicts what his family has told him. Who should he believe? They come with wild claims, saying that he is a prince. But how can this be? 

Join him, as Aeron takes his first step onto this new path, as a Prince of Tarpine.


Captured and wasting away, the Prince of Tarpine sits in a hole awaiting his fate. As the desert sun begins to creep towards him for another scorching day, he is suddenly greeted by the presence of mysterious sandmen. Amazingly, they decide to free him from his predicament, but there's more to these beings than meets the eye.

Aeron is on a dangerous path now, full of strife and sacrifice. At every turn he has to fight, both to survive and to become the swordsman he desires to be. 

Along the way, he comes across a few forgotten faces from the past.


It's night on the lonely plains in the middle of nowhere. A man wakes up in the middle of the road, battered and bruised from head to toe. He doesn't know how this happened, or where he is. 
What's worse, he doesn't even know who he is. 
Upon standing up, a sign tells him of a nearby town, and the man begins his slow walk towards the distant lights. None of this looks familiar to him either, nor does anyone recognize him. Regardless, the good people of the town decide to help him out. 
In his pocket is an ID and plenty of cash. Even looking in there doesn't seem to help this amnesiac out. 
As time moves on though, stranger and stranger events begin to occur. Find out what happens to the man who stumbles into Redemption, Kansas.

A Raging Inferno


Baldur is a young man who wants for not. His family is one of the wealthiest in the Republic of Comnar and has profited for years on the sale of furs.


Despite being the eldest son of his house, Baldur finds that his heart is left wanting. All the gold in the continent cannot fill the void. He is drawn to a life of service rather than opulence. For some strange reason, he cannot shake the feeling that he must devote his life to a greater cause.


Baldur finds himself studying the Burning Smiths of Othadon, a group of craftsmen who use their skills to house and care for the poor. Seeing the discipline of these clerics and marveling at the honest work of their day-to-day lives, the young nobleman seeks them out. The more he learns about the group, the more he becomes interested in joining their ranks.


Occasionally, some of the Smiths mention things that lurk in the dark, such as vampires, pagan cultists, and demonic forces. These subjects have always been fables for Baldur, but the frequency of these scared whispers soon becomes disturbing. Worse yet, the young man even begins to catch sight of alarming changes in the world. Children vanish from the streets of Comnar.


Perhaps this was why he felt called to a new life: the stories are real.



From a young age, Selene always possessed an innate ability to harness magic. Draezon, her father, knowing full well that her magical powers would only grow with time, gave her a gift he never had: an education. He sent Selene to the Academy. Known as the best institution in the world, surely his raven-haired princess would flourish there.

And she did, until a witch tried to trap her and a few other children. 

Once she overcame this threat, Selene hoped that her world would eventually return to normal. Only, things are never really the same after battling evil at such a young age. 

Eventually nightmares begin. Visions of creatures too odd to describe, and some so unnerving that they set her on edge. As she loses sleep, the princess even starts to see these monsters. Worse yet, the episodes increase in number, and some of the creatures even begin to stalk her. Is this madness, or has she set in motion events that cannot be undone? 

It is time for answers.