From a young age, Selene always possessed an innate ability to harness magic. Draezon, her father, knowing full well that her magical powers would only grow with time, gave her a gift he never had: an education. He sent Selene to the Academy. Known as the best institution in the world, surely his raven-haired princess would flourish there.

And she did, until a witch tried to trap her and a few other children. 

Once she overcame this threat, Selene hoped that her world would eventually return to normal. Only, things are never really the same after battling evil at such a young age. 

Eventually nightmares begin. Visions of creatures too odd to describe, and some so unnerving that they set her on edge. As she loses sleep, the princess even starts to see these monsters. Worse yet, the episodes increase in number, and some of the creatures even begin to stalk her. Is this madness, or has she set in motion events that cannot be undone? 

It is time for answers.


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